Online Session

May 21, 2020

You have 2 options this week : A zoom session(option 1) or a Croquis Cafe video (Option 2)

Option 1

Thursday May 21, 6-9pm.

Zoom online livestreamed lifedrawing session featuring Emily Cheung, model (yoga wear): Meeting ID: 529 468 7722 

Instructions –

 1. This session will be held in Zoom which is free to register for. Download the app or go to the website, and join the meeting you’re interested in. Just click the link of the session you want (above), or copy/paste the url, or join with the Meeting ID directly in Zoom, and you’ll be in.

2. Jay has kindly offered his studio for this session, but the model will be entirely funded by your contributions. Please e-transfer whatever you feel comfortable with to **.

3. Please mute your microphone and stop your video when you enter the session. If you have any questions during the session, add them to the Chat and we will answer them as soon as possible.

4. Under the video advanced options there is also the possibility to “Hide non-video participants”. This will give you the largest possible view of the two cameras we have set up at different angles. 

5. In order to ensure that the videos of the model do not disappear from your screen, please select the video you would like, look for the three little dots in the top right corner of the video, and select “Pin the video”. This way, the video will stay on your screen throughout the entire session. You can also unpin in the same fashion.

To give a nice break flow for everyone, the session will be held in ~40 minute chunks, with ~5 minutes in between sections.
Pose lengths:

10 – 30sec

10 – 1min

10 – 2min


-5 – 5min

1 – 10min


2 – 10min

1 – 15min


– 2 – 20min

Option 2

and/ or 

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