Life drawing facilitator, artists and model etiquette

Here are a few basic rules we can use as reference to make the life drawing sessions enjoyable for the artists, the model and the facilitators.

Facilitator etiquette

  • We will ensure that the room is secure from any intrusions during the session and that window openings are covered to maintain privacy…the comfort and security of the model is the number one concern at all times.
  • We will provide a comfortable setting for the model to work, with a stool, chair, cushions, a few props and a portable heater if needed.
  • The model can change privately in the washrooms.
  • We won’t touch the model for any reason.
  • We will introduce the model by his/her first name to the group and are aiming at making the model work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • We won’t make any comment on the model physical appearance.
  • We will assign one specific person to guide the model all thought the session.
  • We will pay the model in cash right at the end of the session
figure drawing art class in North Vancouver

Models etiquette

  • Please arrive a few minutes in advance, so you have time to get set up.
  • Try to find poses that will engage the whole body and that usually involve a bit of twisting. We are looking for classical poses, not sexy or yoga poses  (see our repertoire of classical poses here)
  • Try to turn a bit each time you change pose, so everyone in the room will have a chance to see different views.
  • You can alternate standing, sitting and reclining poses.
  • If for whatever reason,  you see that a pose becomes difficult to sustain, let us know and you can take a break to stretch or even abandon the pose. We don’t like to see models straining and no one will be upset because of an unfinished drawing.
  • Let us know whenever you want to stretch. For longer poses (15-20 minutes), don’t hesitate to stretch after each pose for a few minutes.
  • Cover up for the tea and chocolate break, you can use a robe or a piece of fabric.
  • Don’t talk too much while posing so the artists can focus on drawing.
  • Don’t read a book or listen to music with earbuds.
  • Don’t look directly at an attendant while posing.
  • Most artists will agree, but please ask before taking pictures of their drawings. We have a Facebook group that you are welcome to join where we post our drawings.

Artists etiquette

  • If possible, arrive at least about 10 minutes before the class so you have time to set up before the class start.
  • Try to keep the class quiet so people can focus. Of course we don’t mind if you crack a joke once in a while but constant chattering can be disruptive.
  • Don’t take any pictures of the model. The model has been booked for a drawing session and not a photography session. These days everyone has a camera on their cell phone and a picture is just a few clicks away from being public, so it is safer to stay away from phones altogether.  If you need to, you can take pictures of your drawings at the break or at the end of the session.
  • If you need to leave the class early or if you are late, try to do so in between poses as to not disrupt the other artists.
  • If you need to answer a phone call, please leave the room and do so outside.
  • Please put away your easel or donkey and chair and clean up your mug at the end of the class.