Simply drawing – Life Drawing class in North Vancouver

Due to the coronavirus situation, all are classes are on hold until further notice.

Having Fun Doing Art!

I always look forward to drawing every week at the Simply Drawing studio. I like the social atmosphere, the models are great, and it feels good to focus on drawing and painting!

Brian Uhryniuk

Super weekly session!

This is a wonderful weekly session from a series of short gesture poses to longer poses. The time flies! It is a great time to learn, practice and experiment. Also a very nice group of people. If you love art this is the perfect way to spend an evening

Patricia Brantingham

Got me going….

I joined Sandrine’s Figure drawing group in North Vancouver for a session last year after recovering from hand surgery, as well as after a 15 hiatus from drawing. Sandrine was welcoming and encouraging, and that helped me overcome my fear and anxiety about making art. I jumped in and entered pieces in the annual exhibition which was a first for me. I have continued on to explore in lots of different media over the last 18 months, and always get a boost when I get her newsletter!

Laurie Martz

Enjoyable Life Drawing sessions.

The Life Drawing sessions at Simply Drawing provide a relaxing atmosphere where one can enjoy the good company and encouragement of other artists. The sessions always have a variety of professional models and a good balance of poses from short to med. long. Nice music though the session and tea and chocolate on the breaks.

Sian Woodward

Mental exercises

As a left-brain scientist all my life, I wanted to learn to draw to develop my right side. I joined this drawing group 3-4 years ago, and I have much improved my ability to see and record visual information. I appreciate the warm atmosphere, the music, the tea and chocolate when we’re tired. I love looking at others’ work when we post afterward. It’s a great forum to learn to draw. I’ve got a lot to learn yet, but feel this is a great North Shore resource. Thanks Sandrine

Maureen Conly

Simply Great!

I really enjoy the weekly sessions at Simply Drawing. I’ve attended over several years now and appreciate the variety of models and welcoming space. The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive, and is great for all levels of drawing ability. And our tea and chocolate break is a nice touch – gives the model a chance to stretch and the artists a chance to connect and recharge.

Joanne White

Love our group

Simply Drawing is a wonderful combination of disciplined drawing and a friendly social event. Every week is different, and every week brings a surprise. And although at times it feels as if I am not making any progress, looking back at my old drawings I realize that yes, indeed they are getting better! But most importantly, Simply Drawing is a great space to just get immersed in the actual process of drawing. Chocolate and tea at break definitely help too!

Anna du Bois

First Class Open Studio

I have gone to many open studio classes over the years, and I can honestly say the classes at Simply Drawing are by far the best I’ve experienced. I have been attending the once-a-week sessions for close to 2 years now, and I have gained so much more confidence in my drawing abilities. The relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere is also conducive to experimentation and expressiveness. The classes are: economical, it’s easy to register and the models are fantastic. My fellow classmates are very supportive and I really enjoy participating in an activity with like-minded people. The tea and chocolate at break time are also a plus!

Julie Pappajohn

Basic Inquiry reborn

As one of the founding members of the old Badic Inquiry studio I was delighted to find Sandrine’s studio on the North Shore
Models are very professional and varied and the overall group and setup are excellent. I am so happy to find this group and start drawing again.

Marian P

Awesome Life Drawing Class!

This drawing class is super laid back and welcoming, with tea and chocolate for all! Sandrine has created a wonderful gathering of like-minded artsy peeps, every thursday evening within her large studio space. Very casual and professional, I highly recommend it!

Graham Coulthard

Great place for Life Drawing

Simply Drawing is a ideal place to practice your skills at Life Drawing. It is the ideal place for beginners as well as experienced artists in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It is a great place to draw, meet people and draw professional Life Models.

Michael Brouillet

The Zen of Simply Drawing

I’ve been drawings from life with this group for several years now, as I do believe I have more hits and fewer misses than when I began. But more than that, I value the company, and the focus of the group absorbed in the attempt to do justice to our models, each in our own way.

Catherine Schechter

I am enjoying going to the Thursdays evening classes

I am enjoying going to drawing classes on Thursdays. I can see how practicing 3 hours a week with life models changed the way I work, even when working on landscapes or different subjects. I gained confidence in my drawing abilities

Sandrine Pelissier

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